100th Anniversary of Steamboat’s Winter Carnival

Had to post!  This weekend is the 100th anniversary of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival and heck, anything that lasts 100 years is worth celebrating for sure!

As I drove down Lincoln Avenue this afternoon I was thrilled and impressed by the already completed snow sculptures that are carved by some of the towns’ young adults.  The carvings are pretty impressive if you ask me!  My favorite part of the weekend are the street events and if you’ve never seen them it is SO worth standing around for a few hours to watch.  The events include skiing down Main Street, and guys who hold on for dear life to a shovel which is attached to a speeding horse.  It’s a real riot! Saturday night there will be some great fireworks and the ever popular descent of the lighted man.

Only in the Wild West folks…

If you’d like to know more about the Winter Carnival and all the festivities, check out this link 100th Winter Carnival in Steamboat.

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Jingle All The Way! Steamboat Sleigh Rides

Feeling like riding in a one horse open sleigh?

Here’s your chance – there are 4 options right here in Steamboat including

the newest addition of the Haymaker Sleigh Ride!  Jingle all the way!!

Click Here for info on Steamboat Sleigh Rides

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By The Light of the Moon

Yampatika offers 4 more opportunities for

Full Moon Snowshoe Tours this winter.

Save the Dates:  12/28/12 * 1/26/13 * 2/25/13 * 3/27/13

Naturalists will guide you through the snow by the light of the full moon to explore the beauty and history of Emerald Mountain and Howelsen Hill. This is a unique opportunity for visitors and locals alike to slow down and learn a little more about the Yampa Valley’s bountiful resources.

Space is limited – reserve your spot today!

The cost is $20, and snowshoes are available. Times vary with sunset/moonrise.

Contact (970) 871-9151 or info@yampatika.org.

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Our annual New York Times Mention

Seems like every year someone in the Steamboat Ski Area PR Department is getting their job done by getting us in the Travel Section of The New York Times!  Obviously the writer was here LAST season to check out Steamboat.  Unfortunately this year, none of the skiing the writer mentions is open yet.  HOWEVER, as I write this, it IS snowing outside!  So wax your skiis and buy your plane tickets and mosey on out here!

Click here to read the latest article about Steamboat.  Oh, and I am DEFINITELY a big fan of Bistro CV!


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There Must Be Something In the Water

I know I am a big complainer about Steamboat sometimes.  Mostly, it’s just because the rest of my family is so far away.  But even I have to admit, there are times when living in Steamboat is just so cool that I must share the bliss.

One morning in early April my husband and I were in Starbucks, our usual weekday stop after dropping the kids off at school.  We always get a cup of joe, and read the local paper, The Today Paper.  That particular morning there was a front page feature on yet ANOTHER Steamboat Olympian, this one, heading to London to swim in the Summer Olympics taking place in July.  I was feeling particularly excited because I am a big fan of the Olympics, London and Steamboat locals who make good!  Clearly – there must be something in the water.  Steamboat boasts THE MOST OLYMPIANS of any town, anywhere!  This summer we’ll be watching Blake Worsley, who, though he is swimming for Canada due to his dual citizenship, graduated from Steamboat Springs High School. His mom, Patti actually works at Starbucks and was there that morning.

As I finished the article and set down the paper, I glanced up and noticed a tall, handsome young man in a jacket bearing Canadian patches.  I looked back at the front page and up again at the man… it was Blake!  I walked over to Patti and confirmed by discovery.  Patti introduced us to both Blake and his dad.  I held out my hand but instead was enveloped by a bear hug!  We chatted and I was so impressed by this young man.  I cannot imagine the pride and joy Blake has brought to his parents and now also to Steamboat.  Blake we will be watching and cheering for you in London!

Steamboat Today Article  on Blake Worsely, Steamboat’s latest Olympian

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Free Advice!

Come on down to Mountain Brew  at 5th and Oak Street this Thursday, March 1st  from 2pm – 3pm for a free event or wedding planning consultation with The Main Event.  Tasha will be baking up some yummy goodies for you to try while event expert Jill Waldman answers any event questions you may have!  Please call to book a slot as space and time is limited! 303-570-6570.

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Yoga Story-Time at the Library

The library as we have written in the past, is one of Steamboat’s crowning jewels!  Take your young children down to the Bud Werner Memorial Library to a free yoga story-time.  This free program combines folktales and stories with both movement an yoga.  There is a class for pre-schoolers at 3:30pm and a class for elementary age children at 4:30pm.    Please be sure to bring water, a yoga mat or a towel and have your child wear comfortable clothes.

For more information or to sign up on line visit The Bud Werner Memorial Library Website.  You can also call the children’s desk at the library at 970-879-0240 x 313.

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Aquafit Class

Today I am off to the Old Town Hot Springs to try to begin to loose those holiday pounds!  I am not much of a work out class kind of girl so getting in the pool is appealing versus bouncing around in a room of sweaty people!

Classes are Wednesdays from 12:15pm – 1:15pm.  The class is limited to 15 students so arrive early to insure your spot.

Check out this video by instructor Carrie Epstein to learn more about the class!

See you in the pool!

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An Educational Guided Snowshoe Hike with Yampatika!

Snowshoeing to the Uranium Mine

Though I’ve lived in Steamboat for almost two decades, I am still a City Girl (you can take the girl out of New York but you can’t take the New York out of the girl). So every time I plan an outdoor adventure into the woods my self diagnosed “desolation phobia” rears it’s ugly head. That would be fear of venturing into places where there is no cell service or Starbucks. But being the 365 trouper (and writer) that I am, I dug out my snowshoes and headed up to the Fish Creek Falls parking lot to join the Yampatika snowshoe tour to the Uranium Mine that runs every Friday from 10am – 1pm. Our group of nine, was lead by Fern, a naturalist and forester by trade, and Lisa, who helped and brought up the rear of the group. Of the nine of us, I was the only official local, most of the others were part time residents or visitors from the front range.

We began our ascent up the switchbacks, which is the steepest and toughest part of the hike. The snow was falling lightly from a heather grey sky. We stopped several times so everyone could catch their breath. We were informed by some hikers on their way down that we had just missed a Moose and her two calves that crossed the trail a bit further up. Along the entire hike Fern fed us tons of interesting and even useful facts about the area, the trees, the snow, the animals in the area and their habits. For instance, bears do hibernate, but while they slow their respiration, blood pressure and heart rate, if you walk into their cave, they will wake immediately (translation – get the heck out of there – fast!). Other animals like bats need some time to wake up, so they wouldn’t be able to chase you. (Whew!)

When we made it to the top of the switchbacks, the trail leveled out and was mostly flat. Here Fern described why we are blessed with “Champagne Powder” in our Yampa Valley. It is basically because of the low humidity and warmer temperatures. When snow crystals begin to form, the are shaped like rods, long and thin. As more rods form and clump together they make the pretty snowflake shapes that are typically seen  atop Christmas trees.  The air that is between the rods is what makes them fluffy, much like why a down comforter is warm – it’s the air between that gives it loft. Fern’s fun facts continued along the trail as we made our way thru an aspen grove and then an evergreen stand.

We learned about the beetles that are killing the Lodge Pole Pines (it’s actually a blue-green fungus that the beetles leave on the trees that is killing them), and how to tell Fir trees from Spruce – remember Flat friendly Firs, (their needles are flat and soft) and Spiny Square Spruce (their needles hurt, and are square).

When we reach the Uranium Mine, we are rewarded with a beautiful overlook of Fish Creek Falls canyon. This is a perfect place to stop, take some photos, and have a snack. The trail does continue on up to the Zirkel Wilderness. We take a look in the cave, which is barred for saftey. There is not a whole lot to see, but it is interesting that the Mine was active and hard to imagine that the few spoils from the mine were carried out on the narrow trail we have just come up. As it turns out there was little if any Uranium actually mined in this cave.  The Uranium Mine is a “wet cave” which basically means there is always standing water in there.  It is a shallow cave, and does not go back very far but now houses several bats, who thankfully were nowhere to be seen.

The Uranium Mine Cave Entrance

The trip back is pretty much all down hill, and I realize, that I was so engrossed by both the beauty of the forest and Fern’s entertaining information that I haven’t even felt a twinge of my desolation phobia. The skies cleared as we reached the final portion of the

View of the Steamboat Ski Area from the Uranium Mine Trail

trail, and as we make our way back down the switchbacks, the sun bursts out, shining on our decent.

This is a PERFECT morning for both locals and visitors alike that enjoy the outdoors with the company of a group, education and information about the Yampa Valley, and a bit of exercise to “shoe.”  Contact Yampatika to sign up for these Friday morning snowshoe hikes from now until March 23rd.  Call  970- 871-9151. The snowshoe tour is FREE but reservations are required. Don’t forget to bring your snowshoes!  There is a $5 parking fee in the Fish Creek Falls lot – but you can buy an annual pass for $30 at the forest service located at 925 Weiss in Steamboat Springs.  They can be reached at  970-870-2299.

For more information on the Snowshoe Tour and other programs visit the Yampatika site at http://www.yampatika.org

I hope you enjoy the spruce, the pines and the Uranium Mine.

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Peace and Quiet

One of Steamboat’s true treasures is the recently re-built Bud Werner Memorial Library. The building sits just above the Yampa River and is the perfect place for adults, kids, teens and families to enjoy some quiet time.

Stop by the newly opened Bambook Cafe(run by Bamboo Market) in the lobby, grab a snack, a sweet, or a latte.

Kids have their own section with bean bags and just right sized chairs to lounge. The teen section has some pretty cool “human” shaped chairs, and an upper level with private window seats. Upstairs is the adult area with seemingly infinite books, and, my favorite, a wide selections of current magazines (I NEVER have time to read them at home!).

All areas have computers, with age appropriate activites already loaded for toddlers as well as kids in their section. The Library is also the perfect place for meetings or studying with several conference rooms and private study areas.

So stop by the library and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings while you get in some quality ME time!

Click here for more information:  Bud Werner Memorial Library

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